LOI International President Lauren L. Darr Interviews VCI Solutions President and CEO Sarah Foss for the LOI International Media Outlook Book 2010-2012

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LOI International is proud to announce that Sarah Foss, President and CEO of VCI Solutions, will be featured in the “LOI International Media Outlook Book 2010-2012.”  Foss has seventeen years broadcast industry experience with a history of propelling organizations toward growth.  She is currently the President and CEO of VCI Solutions, a company she has been with since 2006.  Prior to VCI, she was with Harris Corporation and has held various management roles at local TV stations and media-related Internet start-ups.

Lauren L. Darr, President of LOI International and interviewer, commented, “A more visionary and future-thinking person you will not find.  When Sarah speaks, media companies listen. That’s why we considered her a must-have for this project.”

“I am passionate about how we as an industry will leverage advanced technology to move the media evolution forward,” said Sarah Foss, President & CEO. “This book is currently a living document of that evolution.”

The “LOI International Media Outlook Book 2010-12” Overview

With today’s convergence and economy, smart companies are making moves to sustain and grow.  The media conglomerates of today will not be the same in two, five, or twenty years from now.  This book is a series of conversations with several of today’s top trendsetters to see how media will be different over the next couple years.

The “LOI International Media Outlook Book 2010-2012” is a resource that paints a picture of the media landscape in a way that incorporates all facets of media— and how they must work together to be successful.

Aside from getting up-close insight into the minds of these thought leaders, you’ll get an understanding of:

-       Emerging technology, end-user, and operational trends

-       How media entities will converge over the next couple years

-       Technological changes that will affect every aspect of life

Join in these conversations with author Lauren L. Darr as she chats with several thought leaders that are both behind the scenes and in the public eye.

The book is scheduled to launch in April 2010. Pre-orders are now being accepted at www.loi-international.com.  Left Paw Press, the publishing imprint of Lauren Originals, Inc, publishes this book.

About LOI International

LOI International is the ultimate marketing ‘relationshipper’ for B2B and technology companies— working with companies that love to play ‘what if’ while maintaining a laser-focus on maximizing their potential.  LOI does that not only by planning and implementing traditional communications efforts, but by also creating original ways of connecting clients with the different personalities and resources clients need to reach.  What that means for clients is an assurance that their marketing is aligned with their revenue potential in a way that spurs contagious success.  LOI International is based in the Midwest USA and is the marketing consulting arm of Lauren Originals, Inc.

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